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  • Vollmaier works internationally as a voice teacher. It was his passion for voice work that led Sašo to the "Centre Artistique International Roy Hart" (research and study center), where - as Musical Director of the performance Generation, working with founding members of the Roy Hart Theatre - Sašo gained a profound appreciation of the power of presence, fragility, expression, authenticity, and curiosity. These are the core tenets of his teaching today.
    His teaching approaches to the Alfred Wolfsohn and Roy Hart voice work (in training: under the mentorship of Kevin Crawford), inspired by several Roy Hart teachers. Vollmaier mostly works with Linda Wise-Pantheatre and Susanne Weins-Atelier Performative Künste,  giving workshops in Germany (Hannover-with Ulrik Barfod, Düsseldorf-with Susanne Weins), Brazil (Sao Paulo-with Linda Wise), France (Centre Artistique International Roy Hart) in Malérargues with Kaya Anderson, Carol Mendelsohn, Marianne Le Tron, Ian Magilton, Saule Ryan and David Goldsworthy,  in Slovenia "Plesna Izba-Slovenia" with Špela Huzjak, "PKD Flamenko Ljubljana",... His work includes the elements of interpretation, sound, movement and space.
  • One of his approaches (in research with Sam McGehee) is developed and practiced in Accademia dell' Arte in Arezzo (Italy). 
  • He collaborates with the company called "Midderigh Voice", founded by Siobhán McCann and Ivan Midderigh. Midderigh Voice provides leadership training and coaching in presence, listening, expression, communications, and storytelling.

Photo: Saša Huzjak / SHtudio.eu

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